The top 10 trending news stories and features of 2018

Sign Media Canada's top 10 news stories and feature articles in 2018.

Sign Media Canada’s top 10 news stories and feature articles in 2018.

From some of the latest technologies and innovative sign applications in recent times to the year’s Signmaker of the Year awards and best products, Sign Posts has delivered an abundance of breaking news in 2018. Many feature articles in Sign Media Canada also captivated readers ranging from a number of unique project case studies to expert advice on sign manufacturing and restoration.

Here is this year’s must-read content:

Top 10 news stories

  1. North America’s largest transparent LED screen debuts in Ottawa
  2. Kingston orders ‘smart city’ kiosks
  3. Ontario shop debuts ultra-high-speed inkjet press
  4. Ontario company among Wrap Like a King regional winners
  5. Converting store-front windows into digital screens
  6. Canadian digital signage shines at DSE’s 2018 Apex Awards
  7. Edmonton Airport installs giant LED display
  8. World’s largest digitally printed mural planned for Toronto overpass
  9. SGIA announces Product of the Year winners
  10. Two Toronto highway digital billboards called Canada’s largest

Top 10 feature articles

  1. Meet the 2018 Signmaker of the Year!
  2. Creating ‘faux’ neon signs
  3. Retailers see clear benefits with transparent digital signage
  4. Digital Signage: Creating North America’s largest transparent LED screen
  5. Profile: Banff Sign Co.
  6. 2018 brings above-average growth to sign industry
  7. Branding Regina’s new Mosaic Stadium
  8. Digital Signage: Current trends for dynamic displays
  9. Wayfinding: Designing for tomorrow’s airports
  10. Neon: Restoring the Sam the Record Man sign

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