“Go big or…” well, you know the old saying. This is an ideal the team at Graphic Systems takes to heart. The Minneapolis print services provider with an impressive list of well-known global brands under its belt even incorporated the sentiment into its company motto—“Where Brands Go Big.”

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Graphically imaged precast concrete

Precast imaging technology has been used for nearly 15 years in Europe and Asia because of its relatively low environmental impact, ease of use, and esthetic versatility. These characteristics, combined with the many advantages of precast concrete, have spurred interest in North America.

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Vehicle wraps: Designing and protecting specialty film applications

The application of film graphics to cars, buses, trucks, and boats is an increasingly popular strategy for companies looking to reach a wide audience via a moving billboard. As this trend grows, more and more sign shops are receiving orders for these unique applications; however, for some signmakers, there are still many uncertainties with regards to how to best handle these requests.

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Western Canada’s highest sign

The tower signs installed on the façade of the recently built Civic Hotel in Surrey, B.C., hover more than 160 m (525 ft) from the ground. The signs act as a beacon over the central hub of the city, drawing attention with a glowing 4.1-m (13.5-ft) tall diamond shape.

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A mural at Canada’s crossroads

On July 16, a mural created by professional comic book artist Vincent Rioux—also known as VoRo—was unveiled on the exterior wall of a downtown store in Mont-Joli, Que., part of the Bas-Saint-Laurent region.

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How to launch a network

Signs sure are not what they used to be. People have been creating signs since the days of drawings on cave walls and, for many, many generations, this medium of information-sharing did not change much. The messages on signs throughout most of human history have been permanent, fixed, and static.

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Creating ‘faux’ neon signs

While neon illumination is still part of today’s sign industry, LEDs have largely replaced it, both for skeletal ‘script’ designs and inside channel letters. These so-called ‘faux’ neon applications have become increasingly popular because they better meet clients’ requirements in terms of energy consumption and safety.

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