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2018 State of the Industry Report

The International Sign Association (ISA) is certainly forecasting growth through 2019. Its quarterly economic reports, compiled by market research firms IHS and Vandiver and Associates and sponsored by the National Association of Sign Supply Distributors (NASSD), assess a range of commodities, supplier markets and end-user markets.

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Sign industry veteran retires

Jim Hingst, a 42-year veteran of the graphic arts field, retired on February 27. He was business development manager for RTape, which manufactures application tape and premasks for the sign, screenprinting and digital printing industries.

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2015 State of the Industry report

Sign Media Canada takes a look at the sign industry and what the future has in store. It has been several years now since the Canadian sign and billboard industry suffered the negative impacts of a global recession—and market dynamics have certainly changed for the better.

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