Why I like the sign industry…

Amid the gloomy days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sign industry is focusing on spreading a little bit of inspiration.

As provincial governments restricted business operations for those deemed to be non-essential and mandated social distancing protocols swept across the country, the business landscape remains volatile and many sign companies have had to navigate unprecedented times. The need to absorb everything that was happening, while at the same time pivoting business operations in a quick manner to sustain business viability weighed heavily on the minds of many professionals.

While we are not out of the woods yet, Sign Media Canada wanted to provide an outlet for members of the sign industry to share a positive and motivational message. This is how the #SignsOfInspiration video came about.

The project involved asking members of the sign industry to submit a video of themselves finishing the sentence “I like the sign industry because…” As a result, more than 20 clips were submitted by members of the sign industry from across the country. These were compiled into a video montage which has been posted and shared on social media.

Sign Media Canada thanks everyone who participated in this project with a special shout out to Spectra Advertising’s Matthew Lavery, who is also president of the Sign Association of Canada’s Young Professionals Network (YPN), for his assistance in promoting this initiative and co-ordinating the collection of several video clips.

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