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CineMedia’s tech platform released for moviegoers

National CineMedia has launched NCMx, a data-driven technology platform for moviegoers which provides data, insight, and an analytics platform to connect brands with audiences in theatres as well as on digital screens before and after attending movies, according to a company press release. Marketers can leverage NCMx to execute audience-matching against geographic, behavioral, and contextual…

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UK partnership to support LaunchPAD programmatic offering

An extended partnership between Clear Channel Europe and Broadsign will enable media buyers to tap into Clear Channel’s 3000-plus digital out-of-home screens in the UK via Clear Channel LaunchPAD. Clear Channel’s UK out-of-home (OOH) inventory is now available via more than 30 omnichannel and OOH demand-side-platforms (DSPs) integrated with the Broadsign Reach supply-side-platform (SSP). The…

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Transforming vacant building fronts into digital screens

Captivate, North America’s location-based digital video network, launched Captivate Windowfront, a state-of-the-art media product that transforms vacant urban building fronts into digital out-of-home screens. Captivate Windowfront, a sales representation partnership with FrontRunner Technologies, combines Captivate’s ad sales expertise with FrontRunner’s projection technology to deliver large-format digital advertising solutions at scale within major Canadian urban centres….

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