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Roland DGA upgrades canvas products

Roland DGA has replaced its existing line of canvas media products with two new and improved canvas offerings: ESM-SSC2 (Solvent Satin Canvas) and ESM-SGC2 (Solvent Gloss Canvas). These new media are 65 per cent polyester and 35 per cent cotton which blends with an Oxford weave, offering the traditional look and feel of an artist…

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Drytac announces new Polar Premium Clear print media and Weathershield films

Drytac, a manufacturer of adhesive-coated products, has announced the global availability of its seven-year durable Polar Premium Clear permanent polymeric PVC ink-jet media and seven-year durable weathershield polymeric PVC overlaminating films. These solutions have been available in Europe for several years, and now Drytac is bringing these products to the wider global audience, including the…

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