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OOH company representing more digital signage in Ontario

Vendo Media, a provider within Canada’s out-of-home (OOH) industry, has announced an exclusive national sales representation of Action Media’s outdoor digital assets. Additionally, Action Media’s assets are now available on all Canadian programmatic platforms through Vendo Media. Action Media will continue to handle all local sales. Action Media’s assets include 10-plus digital faces across Muskoka,…

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Toronto billboard spreads love all around

A Toronto belly dancer, Gabriela Carnovale, heard about a man in the U.S., John Pogachar, who started putting up billboards that just say “LOVE” on them, and decided to do the same. According to a news report on blogto.com, “Love on Every Billboard” started in 2018 with two billboards in Spokane, Washington and has now…

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What exactly are companies looking for in POP?

Proof of Placement (POP) is one way companies can look at tangible evidence that shows them they have gotten what they have paid for. This can come in different forms, such as daily delivery logs, in-depth impression analytic reports, GPS and satellite tracking, photography and video footage, and more.

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