Elevated Signs: Born in the pandemic, ready for the boom

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We always attend the final installation no matter how big or small the project is. We stand behind the vendors, we select with confidence and assure the customer this project means as much to us as it does to them.

By Eudore R. Chand

Terence Davis, owner of Brantford, Ont.-based Elevated Signs, is a confident man, and backed by a team of skilled professionals, he decided to forge ahead this past March with the launch of his business, despite being in the clutches of a global pandemic. Sign Media Canada spoke with Davis to ask why he took such a risk, and what he sees as the future of his company.

Sign Media Canada (SMC): What is the history of Elevated Signs?

Terence Davis (TD): Elevated Signs Inc., was established in March 2021, amid all the chaos of the global pandemic. Our goal was to enter the market providing a trusted service for our customers that fulfils their needs on a budget they can afford.

Combined, our team has over two decades of experience in the signage industry, not to mention a firm grasp of marketing, advertising, and graphic design. We can provide advice and product solutions to meet all our customers’ needs. Being in the industry this long has allowed us to form long-standing relationships with multiple vendors across southwestern Ontario. With an extended family of local manufacturers and installation crews, we have eliminated the multiple quote process, allowing the customer peace of
mind when choosing the sign that fits the right application.

Meeting with a customer to discuss drafts allows the client to review the proposal and ask questions with the goal of understanding the scope of the project.

SMC: What makes your company unique?

TD: Similar to some other businesses in this industry, we are a family business. However, we like to think we differ from most others in that we consider clients as extended family. No surprises. No buyer remorse. Nothing is worse than getting something you didn’t want because you didn’t know better. At Elevated Signs, we guide our customers in making the appropriate decisions for their project be it the size of the sign, most suitable design, best choice of colours, and so much more. Nothing is worse than having a sign you are not happy with, and for most companies this is a big investment, so it better be right.

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We hear other sign companies say, “no job is too big, no job is too small.” In our experience, we have found this is true if you can wait a while for them to finish the larger jobs. Top clients take production precedence in most cases. With Elevated Signs, we will make sure any sized job is the priority. With having multiple vendors, we can pick who can meet the timeline on your project. Any company can bid for projects, but we strive to offer something much different than just a number. We offer an experience.

SMC: How large is the facility?

TD: We are currently working from our homes. The benefit is the best and most creative work often stems from your household. Along with this, it allows the client to feel more relaxed and at ease with their decision-making rather than being stuck in an awkward boardroom. We come to them and are open to meeting at the potential job site or even at a local restaurant, whatever is most convenient.

That said, many of our vendors have large facilities of 15,240-m2 (50,000-sf) and larger, so size of projects is not a concern for us. One day we may decide to open our own shop. However, for now, we are happy to help our team of local sign manufacturers keep their doors open by assisting them with different opportunities.

Creating final drafts before manufacturing and installation is a very critical step. At this point, colours need to be accurate, details need to be reviewed, and dimensions confirmed. This is also a good time to check if there may be any hiccups during installation.

SMC: What type of signage does your company primarily sell?

TD: We have the capabilities of providing our customers with any signage they need, from digital prints to channel letters to pylon signs. We also provide consulting services, take on franchise sign programs, or rebranding opportunities, we do it all.

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SMC: What type of projects have you been working on recently?

TD: We recently assisted an athletics training facility and we are working on some new store openings. Our service consisted of site meetings, conceptual renderings, site surveys, final designs, print and manufacturing files for permitting and then production, project
co-ordination, arranging installation, and completion photos.  

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