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Environmental Graphic Design: Beyond the sign panel

‘Placemaking’ is the act of making 
a space one’s own. This may seem obvious and logical with relation to people in their homes, but it becomes more of a challenging task for graphic designers, signmakers, architects, planners and other designers when it is applied to public spaces, large workplaces, hospitals, educational environments and large transportation hubs like airports.

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Hiring on the rise in graphic arts industry

There has been a significant hiring increase in the North American graphic arts and printing industry, according to a recent survey by placement firm Semper International, and—for the first time in 12 years of conducting the survey—no reports of reductions in staff. Semper has undertaken quarterly surveys since February 2003 to track trends in the printing and graphic industries. To prevent bias in the results, the questions are designed by Cvent, a third party.

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