Digital Signage Outsourcing: Why it makes sense

Dot2Dot Communications' "Lift & Compare" solution doubles as a sales assistant tool to highlight key tech specs and functionality.

Dot2Dot Communications’ “Lift & Compare” solution doubles as a sales assistant tool to highlight key tech specs and functionality.

In the last few years, technology has become very innovative and expansive, but it has been seen that the wrong technology is often used based on the audience, environment, and objectives at hand. Technology options, though abundant, are confusing to most end users when it comes to the most effective application for “driving behaviour.” Interactivity has allowed for two-way communication with audiences, and the birth of artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) will only drive further consumer engagement. Companies putting together digital signage solutions must be technology-savvy to put forth the right mechanisms.

Connecting the dots between content strategy consultation, creative content development, solution design, procurement, integration, installation, remote management, and on-site field services is a winning proposition.

Managed media solutions, including hosting, content scheduling, software maintenance upgrades, and network management, demonstrate the complex pieces of successful digital signage deployments.

Trends suggest digital signage outsourcing will only continue to grow. Integrators from all industry segments will aim to add these products to their portfolio and ride the wave of a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to flourish.

When searching for a potential digital signage partner, it is important to look for a third-party solutions provider with an outstanding reputation, a track record of being highly flexible, and a history of successful digital signage deployments across many verticals. At the very least, turning to an outsourcer ensures a solid start, and often leads to a long and fruitful relationship.   

Increasing number of deployments

The following is a report gathered from 464 end users across multiple verticals, including schools, retailers, and restaurants based on how they are using digital signage and their plans for the future.

The data reveals end users across the board have already deployed digital signage or plan to deploy additional digital signage in 2019. It also suggests:

• 54 per cent of restaurants plan to deploy digital signage to more locations;

• 40 per cent of retailers plan to deploy digital signage in the future;

• 63 per cent of banks have deployed digital signage or plan to deploy it; and

• 69 per cent of end users plan to deploy more displays in 2019.

 Mark Mantha, president of Man-Mac Consulting Inc., provides market development consulting for Dot2Dot Communications, a full-service visual communications company that designs, develops, and manages immersive digital signage experiences. He can be reached via e-mail at For more, visit

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