Digital Signage Outsourcing: Why it makes sense

When your brand needs to be front and centre, a 3x3 1.3-m (4.5-ft) movable video wall makes a statement.

When your brand needs to be front and centre, a 3×3 1.3-m (4.5-ft) movable video wall makes a statement.


Assessing the ongoing management and measurement of the network, and ensuring objectives are being met and the network is performing as desired. 

Keeping the above approaches in mind, the six primary reasons why companies prefer digital signage outsourcing are outlined below:


  1. Leave it to the experts

The many components of digital signage, primarily the strategy component, suggest outsourcing is not for companies looking to sell hardware. The number of failed networks have repeatedly shown that end users require information and advice with their network from a business strategy perspective. In turn, they want the same company to do the heavy lifting once the objectives of the network are defined, articulated, and measured.

Understanding an audience, their behaviours, and the measures for success is not an exercise most AV companies would entertain; the ones that have, quickly understand the complexities of a successful deployment.    


  1. Developer shortage

A report published on April 12 by the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) suggests Canada will need to fill approximately 216,000 technology-related positions by 2021, up from 2015 predictions of 182,000 by 2019.

Behind a successful digital signage deployment is a staff of content producers, network architects, design personnel, and IT. The larger a digital signage network gets, the more people are required to manage it; this staff needs to be highly skilled.

With this shortage looming in, end users must have faith their network is in the capable hands of a partner of their choice.   


  1. Cost efficiencies

Many companies cannot afford to hire subject matter experts for digital signage. Here, the savings tied to payroll, corporate benefits, and training alone are substantial. Not only does the company save time and money on recruitment, but also increases its profit margin due to shorter overheads. Add to this customer support and network management costs and the numbers begin to quickly add up.

The two most important factors in the overall digital signage outsourcing equation are content build and technology. The custom creative (content) for any network must align with the goals and objectives of the network.

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