COMMB welcomes new place-based member

COMMB has welcomed INEO Solutions Inc. as its newest place-based member. Photo courtesy INEO Solutions Inc.

The Canadian Out-of-Home Marketing and Measurement Bureau (COMMB), a source of Canadian OOH market insights for its advertiser, media owner, and programmatic tech-stack members, has welcomed INEO Solutions Inc. as its newest place-based member.

COMMB approved the Vancouver-based company’s membership and verified the methodology INEO uses for calculating average weekly impressions captured by its digital OOH (DOOH) assets located within their patented INEO Welcoming System. The INEO Welcoming System replaces retail outlets’ exit door security gates and combines digital signage, data capture, and loss prevention in one device.

An exciting innovation in the place-based category, INEO’s technology is currently used in 135 liquor stores across Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and nine other Western Canada markets. INEO’s 813-mm (32-in.) screens are highly visible within the retail store and the high-definition cameras are calibrated to eliminate miscounts while accounting for background images and potential obstructions, meaning INEO’s impressions are highly accurate.

Aided by artificial intelligence-driven detection software, which detects human engagement, INEO will provide COMMB with up to a full year’s worth of hourly data for all stores equipped with the technology. Lifetime data will be provided for stores in which the screens have been installed for less than a year.

To alleviate small-sample errors, only stores that have used the screens for four weeks or more will be included in the report. COMMB leverages this data to compare against transactional baseline information for accuracy and have modeled the impressions to be reported based o both datasets.

Further advances are to be made in the first quarter to include dwell time insights which will allow COMMB to calculate a screen and ad-play impression multiplier.

“We are thrilled to welcome INEO to our growing place-based membership category,” said COMMB president Amanda Dorenberg. “Their platform addresses shoppers in an environment where they are motivated to receive marketing messaging. With COMMB’s advancements in place-based measurement, INEO’s membership and methodology developments shows our commitment to expanding this category and enhancing the granularity of the analytics we provide, arming brands with insights they can use to devise their ideal marketing mix.”

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INEO’s media network includes a pipeline of retailers eager to install the company’s security gate monitors both in its core operating area and beyond. In the coming months. INEO expects to expand beyond Alberta and British Columbia to include all of Canada before integrating into the rest of North America and into Europe.

“INEO’s data is becoming more robust every day,” noted Kyle Hall, CEO of INEO. “As advertising fill rates grow in our established locations, and our new installations accelerate, INEO is gathering a critical mass of impression statistics which will deliver brands solid insights into their advertising audience. We are constantly working to perfect our data collection and evaluation methods to make the INEO Welcoming System the leader for digital OOH retail store advertising opportunities. This is why we are particularly pleased to be accepted into COMMB as it validates our approach to calculating viewer impressions using INEO’s own artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. The INEO Welcoming System’s unique media screen, analytics detection and loss prevention technology ensure it is the first thing customers see as the enter a retail store making it a highly valuable advertising space which also allows brands to learn more about their potential customers.”

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