Wilson’s Shopping Centre: From vision to reality

By Aaron Babcock

WILSONThe opportunity to create an original look for this sign was one of those rare pleasures a sign designer looks forward to. Most of a signmaker’s work is done for corporate clients who already have a well-developed brand identity. While rewarding in its own right, such work demands a certain level of creative restraint. This was not so for a recent project Mattatall Signs Ltd., in Dartmouth, N.S., completed for Wilson’s Shopping Centre.

When its current owner, Mike Wilson and his wife Kerri, approached Mattatall Signs to build a new pylon sign to celebrate the company’s 95th year in business, there was little in the way of an existing brand standard to follow. There was, however, the compelling story of what is considered today to be a vanishing breed: a hometown business that has been owned and operated by the same family for generations.

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