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The future of OOH

It is crucial for media owners and brand marketers to reflect on the challenges, trends, and successes they experienced over the past year, to accurately plan and predict what is to come for the advertising industry.

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Pattison Sign Group announces acquisition of Teksign

Pattison Sign Group (PSG), one of the largest full-service physical branding companies in North America, announced the acquisition of Teksign, a signage manufacturer in Canada. PSG said this acquisition provides the company with one of the finest sign manufacturing teams in Canada, an additional 3344 m2 (36,000 sf) manufacturing facility, in addition to well-established and…

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Carnival Carousel display in Calgary with 54blue

54blue got to work on the design for the new location, creating a full model of the store and all the proposed design elements in 3D. One of the features that needed to be incorporated was a structural pole that ran vertically through the centre of the front section of the store.

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