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Building immersive branding

Attendees of last summer’s Montreal International Jazz Festival were introduced to Hyundai’s new electric vehicle by way of a fully branded environment built by PNH Solutions, a large-format print service provider (PSP) and custom hardware supplier.

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Sign Design: The advent of branded environments

With all of the constant discussion of how new, digital technologies continue to redefine the sign and graphics industry, it may be easy to lose sight of a much larger trend that is now upending the way design is taught and practised in the industry and, for that matter, how sign shops present themselves to clients.

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Business Models: The franchising of sign shops

Over the past few years, many independent sign shop owners have reassessed their position in an ever-changing and highly competitive marketplace. If they are no longer able to clearly define their target market, name their direct competitors or position themselves strategically within the industry, especially, it may be time to revisit their approach.

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