OOH Advertising: Competing in a connected world

In 2016, online media accounted for 47 per cent of all Canadian advertising revenues. Most other paid media have experienced a decline in their ad revenues due to the overall shift toward online spending. One notable exception, however, is out-of-home (OOH) advertising, which has continued to experience at least modest growth year-over-year.

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SAC names 2017 sign competition winners

The Sign Association of Canada (SAC) announced the winners of its annual sign competition at a gala dinner event on Oct. 27, during its national trade show, Sign Expo Canada, in Mississauga, Ont.

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Digital Signage: Seven common pitfalls to avoid

The overall medium of digital signage can be thought of as an ‘ecosystem,’ with multiple key elements that interact with each other, from hardware and connectivity to software and content. It is important from the start to identify these elements and make a detailed plan, so as to avoid making the following common mistakes that can cost time and money.

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Wayfinding: Developing inclusive washroom signage

In response to recent Canadian legislation and social discussions addressing instances of exclusion encountered by sexual-minority individuals who do not conform to conventional gender norms, Toronto-based environmental graphic design (EGD) firm Entro Communications has assisted the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Group in developing a new standard for appropriate signage for ‘universal’ washrooms in health-care facilities.

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Wayfinding: Case study on M&M Food Market

When Canadian frozen-food retailer M&M Meat Shops was recently rebranded as M&M Food Market, one major component of this transformation was implementing a ‘self-serve’ shopping model for its stores.

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Digital Signage: Success is a team effort

Digital signage network operators know the implementation process can be long and tedious. To make things worse, it is often akin to a moving target, with success seeming ever elusive. It is important to understand why this is the case and what can be done about it.

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