AMT launches digital signage network

amt1 amt2Astral Out of Home, a division of Bell Media, is deploying Réseau AMT Digital Terminus, a new digital signage network at three Agence Métropolitaine de Transport (AMT) stations in and near Montreal: Centre-Ville, Longueuil and Lucien-L’Allier.

Powered by Bell’s fibre optic and 4G mobile networks, the deployment includes two digital signage formats. First, 14 double-faced columns featuring 1.8-m (70-in.) liquid crystal displays (LCDs) in portrait mode will be installed in high-traffic hallways at Longueuil and Lucien-L’Allier, to showcase a loop of six 10-second spots. Secondly, 39 ceiling-mounted landscape mode LCDs—varying in size from 1 m (42 in.) to 1.8 m (70 in.)—will display bus and train schedules, another loop of 10 six-second ads, transit announcements, news headlines and weather reports, at all three stations.

“The deployment of these screens involves no cost to AMT, since they are financed by Astral,” says Lynne Gagnon, AMT’s marketing director. “They will increase our advertising revenue while adding to the range of information tools for our passengers.”

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