Toronto Zoo deploys weatherproof (and spiderproof) digital signage

Front gate entrance 3The Toronto Zoo has deployed weatherproofed SunBriteDS Marquee digital signage displays near its admission gates to provide information to visitors and boost advertising real estate for its sponsors and partners.

The displays are designed to function at extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to 50 C (-40 to 122 F), with automated internal cooling and temperature regulation systems. Their heat-tolerant liquid crystal displays (LCDs) ensure images are readable at any time of day or night by protecting the crystals against temporary isotropic blackouts, which were a problem for the zoo’s previous outdoor displays. And the screens’ powdercoated aluminum exterior cabinets feature gasketing and filtration systems to keep out not only moisture, but also the zoo’s many insects and spiders.

“Spider silk is extremely conductive and can cause arcing across internal electronics,” explains Jonathan Johnson, director of brand marketing for SunBriteDS. “Our watertight cable entry and filtration systems guarantee no foreign objects or organisms tamper with the interior.”

“These screens fulfil each of our needs, especially our green energy initiatives,” says Charles Duncan, the zoo’s manager of computer and telecom services. “As soon as our digital signage software stops transmitting a signal when the park closes, the Marquee models are automatically powered off—and then on again when the park opens the next morning.”


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