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Choosing the right signage for your trade show display

By Courtney Bachar Modern technology and social media may have changed the face of marketing over the last several years, but tradeshow events remain a highly important tool for promoting a business’ products or services. Tradeshows provide a fantastic opportunity to get your business noticed and to engage with customers face-to-face. People who attend tradeshows…

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Turning browsers into buyers with POP and wayfinding signage

By Ginny Mumm As all retailers know, reaching consumers with clear and effective signage while they are navigating retail settings is a critical sales tool. As any sign professional will tell you, “clear and effective” is the hard part. However, research has shown point-of-purchase (POP) signs and wayfinding signage that advertises specific items and shows…

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Best practices in retail wayfinding

The term ‘wayfinding’ has come a long way since Kevin Lynch first used it in an architectural context in his 1960 book, The Image of the City, where he defined wayfinding as the consistent organization of sensory cues in the external environment.

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