Samsung Canada launches touchless display kiosk

Samsung Electronics Canada and iNUI Studio announced the launch of a touchless interactive display kiosk. Photo courtesy Samsung Canada

A new interactive kiosk debuted at a restaurant in Quebec, combining digital signage with air touch technology.

Samsung Electronics Canada and iNUI Studio have launched the AIRxTOUCH KIOSK Series 3, a touchless interactive kiosk intended to enhance the safety of staff and customers and speed up transactions and improve order accuracy – all from a touchless interactive screen.

To design the kiosk solution, iNUI Studio leveraged a Samsung QMR Series 55-in. Display, bringing together digital signage with air touch optical sensors and a powerful processor. St-Hubert, a Canadian casual dining restaurant chain, recently rolled out several kiosks at locations in Montreal and Laval, Quebec.

“Since 1951, innovation has been at the core of St-Hubert’s development. It’s always been our goal to expand offers and services so that we can provide our customers the best possible experience at our restaurants,” said Richard Scofield, president, St-Hubert Group. “We are proud to be the first in North America to implement this new contactless ordering system, which combines technology from Samsung and iNUI Studio along with high-level service to take care of our customers.”

Based on powerful proprietary image-processing algorithms, the patented air touch technology delivers exceptional mid-air interaction (5 cm from the screen) and an intuitive user experience. Allowing click, double-click, drag and drop, slide, and zoom interactions – all with a precision of 3 mm (.11 in.) – air touch is as easy to use as a conventional touch device.

“It’s been rewarding to partner with Samsung Canada for the first implementation of our technology in North America,” said Olivier Raulot, founder and CEO of iNUI Studio. “Thanks to Samsung’s display technology, we are able to build a new kiosk standard for quick-service restaurants. Air touch is as simple to use as traditional devices, but with the added benefit of promoting hygiene. By trusting us as well as our technology, St-Hubert is continuing to strengthen its leadership position in the market.”

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