Highway of Heroes signage updates to be installed in spring 2022 in Quinte West

The concept presented by staff for the new Highway of Heroes signage. Image courtesy City of Quinte West

The Highway of Heroes signage in Quinte West is to receive an update.

According to Quintenews.com, a motion for a new design was approved by council at its most recent meeting, following approval from various involved agencies.

The current sign located at Hamilton Road and Sidney Street is being replaced with the new signs, which will be installed by spring of 2022.

The poppy on the sign had to receive approval from the Royal Canadian Legion for their usage policy, and the use of Highway of Heroes had to receive approval from the MTO. The MTO also presented a license agreement to the City of Quinte West for the use of a shield logo.

During a consultation with the Public Affairs office, they considered the sign should also be bilingual.

According to Quintnews.com, the stretch of the 401 which brought repatriated soldiers from CFB Trenton to Toronto was dubbed the Highway of Heroes and identifying signs were installed at Hamilton Road and Sidney Street in Quinte West.

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