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Going beyond static wayfinding

Wayfinding has evolved quite dramatically with the overall adoption of digital signage and the evolution of inter-activity for an enhanced user experience. In turn, indoor mapping technologies have greatly advanced how wayfinding is affecting numerous verticals. Accessibility in daily life is crucial, and using digital signage for wayfinding has assisted many.

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Establishing clear routes

Industry professionals tend to consider signage as the key to a successful wayfinding program. While this author certainly does not dispute this point, those involved in the design of these types of projects are also required to give a great deal of attention to the human experience.

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Wayfinding: Welcoming cruise ships to Canada Place

Vancouver’s cruise ship season keeps getting longer each year. In 2017, the city welcomed more than 840,000 tourists, borne on nearly 240 vessels. These visitors arrive at the Canada Place cruise ship terminal from all around the world and it can be a challenge to ensure they all get on and off their vessels without any confusion.

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