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The additional upfront effort is justified by the impact in the end. One case study involving a beverage company, which used lenticular displays for its products in three test stores, demonstrated 21 per cent of consumers who did not usually buy these products were attracted to the displays and thought they should give them a try. Further, when the company returned to the test stores 15 days later and asked customers if they remembered the displays, 91 per cent said ‘yes,’ 31 per cent asked for more product information and 34 per cent could not remember what the competitor’s conventional two-
dimensional (2-D) displays.

Enhancing customer service
To help AlterAction’s clients better understand the benefits of lenticular technology, the Laguës opened the LenticulArt Gallery, a combined art gallery and showroom in the front of their offices that is reportedly the largest of its kind. All of the art displayed there is available for sale, but it also demonstrates to prospective clients how lenticular technology could be used to animate their own graphics. The space can even be rented out for private cocktail receptions, accommodating up to 125 guests.

More recently, the Laguës have launched Photo Ego, a new division of their business. A dedicated high-end photography studio, it allows them to better control the quality of the images they use for their lenticular art and, for that matter, provide a more seamless experience for their clients.

“We find value in integrating our operations,” says Alain. “We see the market for lenticular production continuing to grow in the future. We are ready to meet this growth as it happens.

Ginny Mumm is a freelance consultant for digital inkjet printer/cutter vendor Roland DGA. For more information, visit, and

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