Creating the signage for Canada’s highest suspension bridge

Entrance to the upper skybridge.


“We were really excited to do this project because it was outdoors, so for us it was a welcomed project” explained Brenna, noting this was done right in the middle of the pandemic, and the timeline was tight. Brennan and his team had about three months to complete the project.

“Due to COVID, there was a big race for finding outdoor attractions and things for people to do outside.”

The installation process also proved to be a challenge, especially while crossing the suspension bridge to install the signposts and sign blades.

“Everything had to be done by hand as it wasn’t accessible on the other side of the mountain by vehicle, so we had to bring all our equipment across the suspension bridge,” said Brennan.

Typically, he is not involved in the installation. However, “I wanted to go see this one for myself and experience whatever installers are experiencing firsthand. It’s a pretty extraordinary experience to be out there on those bridges.”


A shareable moment

One of Brennan’s favourite parts of the project was what he called an ‘Instagrammable’ moment photo.

There is a bench that overlooks the mountain and there’s a drop-off at the backside. The sign above it says, “Touch the sky.” The sign is laminated with letters that are suspended on an aircraft cable.

“So when someone sits on the bench to take a picture, it’s sort of like an infinity photo and it looks like they’re standing at the edge of the mountain. It’s really beautiful scenery.”

Brennan had to install this one himself. He had three stories of scaffolding that was set up to reach it right at the edge of the mountain.

“That was definitely an experience for us to have our harnesses on. I’ve done high-rise work and I’ve done boom truck work at 24 m (80 ft) high, but standing on the edge of the mountain and mounting the signage and letters is a whole different experience,” he said. “It was definitely a breathtaking view.”

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This lookout point is a popular one among visitors for photo opportunities.

The project continues

Brennan says while phase one of the project is complete, new attractions are being added to the park and they are currently working on phase two.

“The rollercoaster and bungee swing are the big things being built right now,” he said.

A job like this does not come around every day, says Brennan, adding it is why he is proud to be part of such an exciting industry. Sure there are your everyday kind of jobs, but ones like this truly take your breath away.

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