Creating open spaces and signage in Vaughan’s downtown

The City of Vaughan is asking for the community’s feedback on its Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) Parks and Wayfinding Master Plan. Image courtesy City of Vaughan

The City of Vaughan is developing a Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) Parks and Wayfinding Master Plan to guide the creation of parks and open spaces in the area and establish a signage strategy to make navigation easier.

The city says it is focused on ensuring that the downtown is developed as a “complete and balanced community with modern amenities, transit and pedestrian-friendly options, and parks and open spaces. In addition, the core is envisioned to offer a vibrant sense of place, high-quality of life and environmentally sustainable design approaches that are accessible for all.”

Targeted for completion in early 2022, the VMC Parks and Wayfinding Master Plan will include a design and implementation plan for emerging parks and open spaces. It will inform the development of citizen-focused public spaces, how they can be advanced over time, and how opportunities to enhance natural features, locate public art, improve multi-modal mobility, and increase the area’s vibrancy can be incorporated.

The signage and wayfinding component of the master plan will provide guidance by creating a strategy to assist residents and visitors in moving through the VMC, in addition to easily finding the local businesses, key destinations, and institutions in the area.

The community has until Thursday, Dec. 9 to visit the city’s website to learn what has been accomplished to date, read through the draft plan, and share feedback. An online presentation has been created to outline the study’s goals, key findings, approach to the plan, and park and facility options. Participants can also provide feedback through an open-form comment tool. Feedback collected will help staff refine and complete the draft plan.

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