Unique signage helps give life to social wellness club

Final product of the Moss sign. Photos courtesy Twilight Signs

Final product of the Moss sign. Photos courtesy Twilight Signs

By Courtney Bachar

Twilight Signs has been at the forefront of signage and installation for over 30 years. Founded by Bill Houston in 1989 in Etobicoke, Ont., it has grown from a small start-up sign shop to a full-cycle design, build, manage, and service company. Twilight’s experts combine unique artistry and technical know-how to craft spectacular spaces that turn every customer into a raving fan. “We offer guidance, insight, and ingenuity to help businesses take their brand to the next level,” said Cassidy Gwozdz, sales and marketing associate at Twilight Signs. “We’re not widget makers; we are a design company that loves to take on creative challenges and create branded spaces that inspire.”

Twilight Signs recently had the opportunity to create the signage for Altea Active’s Liberty Village location in downtown Toronto. The project consisted of all interior and exterior signage for the new location.

Gwozdz spoke with Sign Media Canada about the fabrication and installation process, and the challenges faced during the project.

Sign Media Canada (SMC): When did the project begin/how long did it take from start to finish?

Cassidy Gwozdz (CG): Initial discussions began in February 2021, and our bid was accepted three months later. We installed the final sign nine months after that.

SMC: What was the scope of the project? What types of signage were needed?

CG: This is a new location for Altea Active. They needed a large exterior sign and all interior signage, including Starbucks logos, cycling area signs, wayfinding, and much more. We worked with their designers to bring their design intent to life. We designed, engineered, fabricated, and installed all their interior and exterior signage. The easy answer for what signage was needed is everything but digital—113 ADA signs, 29 vinyl signs, one vinyl wall mural, one moss sign, one nail sign, nine illuminated sign cabinets, six directory, and 19 pool signs for a total of 179 signs.

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SMC: Did the client have a design prepared, or was everything done in-house?

CG: As is typical with these type of jobs, we were brought in after the design of the space was created. Our team was able to use their drawings to engineer the required signage signage that met our customer’s expectations, fit the budget, and create a uniquely branded space for their customers.

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