UL revises EcoLogo standard for printing


Image courtesy UL Environment

The environmental business unit of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has revised its EcoLogo certification standard for printing services. The relaunched standard combines and consolidates two former standards for lithographic and digital printing services.

UL says print shop owners will benefit from new and improved criteria aimed at reducing risks to human health and the environment during the printing process, as well as from a single, streamlined, third-party standard.

“A more harmonized printing services standard facilitates the certification process and minimizes the potential for confusion,” says Angela Griffiths, director of research and service delivery for UL Environment. “Manufacturers whose products earn certification to the standard can tout this achievement to the marketplace and bolster their position as environmental leaders.”

EcoLogo-certified printing may not use hazardous substances in concentrations proven to have carcinogenic, mutagenic, reproductive and/or developmental effects. The standard also includes strict requirements regarding emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), indoor air quality (IAQ) protection, biodegradability and the use of recycled content to reduce resource consumption.

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