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Technologies and trends in the print market

By Steve Urmano

In this article, the author examines some of the important trends and opportunities in the wide-format printing market, the different media types, their benefits, how they are used as well as key factors businesses should consider while investigating any new investment opportunities.

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Graphically imaged precast concrete

Precast imaging technology has been used for nearly 15 years in Europe and Asia because of its relatively low environmental impact, ease of use, and esthetic versatility. These characteristics, combined with the many advantages of precast concrete, have spurred interest in North America.

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Key concerns in digital fabric printing

The printing of fabrics has seen a revolution in recent years with the advent of digital technology, which has saved significant time, money and labour compared to the days of screenprinting. Today’s large-format dye sublimation presses can meet growing customer demand for the on-demand production of customized soft signage applications, ranging from flags and banners to lightboxes.

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Colour Management: Developing a RIP-to-roll workflow

The short runs—and even shorter lead times—of today’s wide-format printing market can pose quality challenges for the sign and display graphics industry. To meet these challenges without compromise, sign shops’ operations must evolve to support a completely colour-managed workflow, from raster image processor (RIP) software to digital inkjet printer to roll or rigid media.

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