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Digital Signage: Seven common pitfalls to avoid

The overall medium of digital signage can be thought of as an ‘ecosystem,’ with multiple key elements that interact with each other, from hardware and connectivity to software and content. It is important from the start to identify these elements and make a detailed plan, so as to avoid making the following common mistakes that can cost time and money.

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Digital Signage: How software drives interactivity

Digital signage has changed the way people interact with media. Compelling content has explored new methods for engaging large crowds, while interactive display screens’ high resolution, response time and ability to support multiple types of content simultaneously have proven highly attractive to passersby.

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Roland discounts digital signage package

Roland DGA is offering a 25 per cent discount on its DisplayStudio digital signage system for a limited time in Canada and the U.S. Traditional sign shops can create new revenue streams with Roland DisplayStudio, as it helps them introduce print customers to digital signage. The complete turnkey system allows signmakers to integrate digital signs with printed output for point-of-purchase (POP) graphics, retail signage, event graphics and many other applications.

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