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LG’s new all-in-one DVLED display revealed

LG Business Solutions USA released a new 3454 mm (136 in.) all-in-one DVLED display (model LAEC) combining a 1080p screen, on-board webOS controller, and built-in speakers to offer immediate operation. The display is shipped in an aluminum flight case on wheels, so delivery and movement on site are quick. The display arrives partially constructed, with…

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CNC Routers: Five tips for getting the best cut

Learning how to customize and configure a computer numerical control (CNC) router for the first time can be a time-consuming and confusing process. It is important one conducts the proper research to become familiarized with all things CNC-related. When one is all set to go, the following five tips for successful CNC routing should be considered.

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Digital Signage: Seven common pitfalls to avoid

The overall medium of digital signage can be thought of as an ‘ecosystem,’ with multiple key elements that interact with each other, from hardware and connectivity to software and content. It is important from the start to identify these elements and make a detailed plan, so as to avoid making the following common mistakes that can cost time and money.

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