Steam Whistle brews promotional wraps

Eminent Custom Graphics, based in Barrie, Ont., has used Avery Dennison films and overlaminates to upgrade Toronto-based Steam Whistle Brewing’s fleet from paint jobs to graphic wraps.

The pilsner brewery used to have its vehicles—including a Dodge Charger, Jeep, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Mini Cooper and classic International Scout—painted with a bright green and white colour palette for its sales representatives, but this became a drain on time and funds. So, the company turned to Eminent for digitally printed and laminated films instead.

Eminent used Avery’s MPI 1005 Supercast Easy Apply RS film and DOL 1360 gloss overlaminate to wrap the vehicles, which led to requests for similar wraps of promotional items, including portable coolers and even a ping pong table, which were achieved with the same materials.

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2 comments on “Steam Whistle brews promotional wraps”

  1. jim_gunn_1 says:

    Well, if they had been hand lettered I wouldn’t call a “wrap” an upgrade…more of a wallpaper job
    than an art. Less unique, more mundane.

  2. barry_lachance says:

    I would say this is art for sure, how is a brush stroke different that the movements of a squiggly, how is hours behind a computer designing the whole car digitally any different then sketching, i reality these guys have learnt and mastered the art of the wrap and they are some of the best out there, and if you think what they do is mundane you may need to open your mind to a world that has grown so much further then just a brush!i also beg you to wrap a car and then come back here and tell everyone it is akin to wall paper. maybe don’t mock beauty just cause you don’t understand it.

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