POP Displays: Standing out from the crowd

Images courtesy Accenta Display

Images courtesy Accenta Display

By Diane Carter
According to studies by the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA), banners are the most commonly produced signage applications today in the wide-format digital printing industry across North America. Modular banner stand designs can be seen throughout retail locations, trade shows, convention centres and other commercial venues.

As they become ubiquitous, however, they run the risk of being commoditized, to the point where sign shops are competing with each other merely on price, reducing their potential for profit. This is particularly true in the mainstream retail sector.

To prevent this problem and add value for retailers, display systems and store fixtures are now being customized and used in more creative and productive ways to dominate floor space, pull in customer traffic and help sell more products and services.

Progressive retailers are actively looking for more dynamic, versatile, impactful, flexible, innovative, responsive and effective in-store displays. Sign shops are answering the call by helping them reach these objectives.

A high-quality point-of-purchase (POP) display is arresting to the eye and makes customers want to move closer to take a better look. It stands out from the crowd as a unique piece and invites attention with vibrantly reproduced graphics. And it makes productive use of every available square inch of floor space.

The following are a few recent examples of how retailers and their vendors have used banner stands and other display products in colourful, distinctive and dominant ways.

Absolut recently used stand-alone ‘murals’ to promote vodka in independent stores throughout Western Canada.

Absolut recently used stand-alone ‘murals’ to promote vodka in independent stores throughout Western Canada.

To promote its vodka in independent stores throughout Western Canada, Absolut used a flexible, stand-alone 2.4 x 1.8-m (8 x 6-ft) ‘wall mural’, printed on lightweight corrugated fibreboard. It featured visuals depicting the company’s various products, along with graphics conveying its ‘In an Absolut World’ advertising strategy. Depending on the outlet, the mural was sometimes produced in a smaller size, but without having to change the creative content.

Each in-store display was completed with a pair of 2.4-m (8-ft) tall podiums topped with product showcase towers. The flexibility of these display elements allowed an easy transition when Absolut wanted to promote small-batch super-premium products, such as its limited-edition Elyx vodka.

Ralph Lauren
While it has become one of the most recognized men and women’s clothing brands, Ralph Lauren also produces Polo, a signature fragrance.

The company recently promoted Polo by dominating the centres of its retail stores with POP displays. Inkjet printed and laminated 2.4 x 1.8-m (8 x 6-ft) ‘straight wall’ posters were given a central position, flanked by two product showcases on either side of the wall. Behind each main poster, two banners were hung from the ceiling to complete the high-impact visual environment, blending in with the overall design of Ralph Lauren’s stores and their other merchandise.

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