Sportsmanship goes sky-high

In July 2022, Sleek Signs was recruited to wrap two of the Hill Towers in Regina’s downtown core, in anticipation of the 109<sup>th</sup> Grey Cup. Photos courtesy Sleek Signs

In July 2022, Sleek Signs was recruited to wrap two of the Hill Towers in Regina’s downtown core, in anticipation of the 109th Grey Cup. Photos courtesy Sleek Signs

By Carly McHugh

In anticipation of last year’s 109th Grey Cup, Regina pulled out all the stops in its role as host city. Several organizations created pageantry to rile up fans, including the Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club and Harvard Developments, who recruited Sleek Signs to wrap two of the Hill Towers in the downtown core.

The shop had previously decorated the towers for the Roughriders’ centennial and the Canada Day 150 celebrations and had the capacity to turn the project around in the short time frame required. Following a request for proposals, they were awarded the contract on July 12.

At the outset, the project team needed to guarantee approval, preparation, and installation over the course of just one month. This included obtaining the proper permits and completing safety training, swing stage training, and site plans within 10 days of being awarded the job. Additionally, they needed to make sure their installation equipment was in good standing, as an early inspection revealed signs of wear on their suspension ropes.

Once they completed all the necessary procedures, Sleek Signs was ready to prepare the client’s design for the printing process. It was cropped for ease of install, then printed in columns on cast 60/40 perforated window vinyl, using the shop’s latex printer. The intention for this application was to allow for adjustments due to stretch, as well as the mullions between each 1778- x 1117.6-mm (70- x 44-in.) window.

On July 28, the team was ready to begin wrapping the towers. However, Mother Nature had other plans. The first day of the installation was rescheduled due to rain, which unfortunately halted the process more than a few times throughout the given time frame.

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The first dry day marked the official start on the first tower wrap. In the past, the team had used two swing stages for the application. However, for this installation, they were limited to one. They began applying the vinyl, starting at the top of each column, and working their way down with the swing stage and squeegees.

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