Signage Foundation co-founder retires

Steve Kieffer

Photo courtesy Signage Foundation

Steve Kieffer, who co-founded the Signage Foundation in 2001, announced his retirement from the board of the not-for-profit industry education and research organization at the end of October.

Kieffer (pictured) had already retired from active sign work in 2008, when he sold his company, Kieffer & Co., and won the International Sign Association’s (ISA’s) Kirk L. Brimley Distinguished Service Award. He played a major role the 2012 National Signage Research & Education Conference (NSREC), presenting a glossary of signage terms and charting the classification of sign types.

“Steve led the effort to form the foundation, having an unquenchable drive to further develop the knowledge base of the on-premise sign industry,” says Joe Rickman, one of the other co-founders. “As the foundation’s first president, he was instrumental in overcoming challenges while developing numerous educational research projects.”

Kieffer also chaired the ISA board in 2002, where he helped build its government relations committee, shaped public policy at several levels, authored model sign regulations and participated in technical panels.

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