Outfront, Welcome Hall promote Montreal Helps Montreal

BIXI street level advertising to increase awareness.

BIXI street level advertising to increase awareness.

Outfront Media Inc. has announced its partnership with Welcome Hall Mission to promote the charitable organization’s commitment to supporting Montrealers in need.

With a campaign that started in May, Montreal Helps Montreal utilized Outfront’s network of static and digital boards as well as BIXI street level advertising to increase awareness and encourage donations in communities across Montreal.

Leveraging the success of the first phase of the campaign last November, Welcome Hall Mission was able to adapt and expand their services in order to reach more Montrealers struggling with homelessness, food insecurity, mental health challenges and poverty. Their programs and services are designed to help vulnerable, impoverished Montrealers acquire permanent housing, free meals and groceries and psychosocial support for youth and single mothers. Welcome Hall Mission provides close to 5,000 meals and groceries for over 3,000 Montrealers weekly. They are considered Montreal’s largest doorway to help for Montrealers in need.

The campaign was designed to use a combination of Outfront assets to reach Montrealers as they commute on highways throughout the city and walk and bike in urban areas. BIXI offers advertising in over 20 boroughs and the opportunity for community integration and eye level messaging.

“Similarly to Welcome Hall Mission, Outfront is a national organization with deep roots in the Montreal community for over a century. The goal of collaborating with Welcome Hall Mission was not only to get in front of Montrealers through our assets, but to connect with them through the Montreal Helps Montreal campaign,” said Michele Erskine, CEO Outfront Canada. “It is a privilege to be a part of helping this organization uplift the community with the eventual goal of eliminating homelessness altogether.”

“Welcome Hall Mission is proud to have Outfront on board as a partner for the Montreal Helps Montreal campaign. The partnership commitment of Outfront has helped us to raise awareness by creating a strong call to action in the Greater Montreal Area,” said Sam Watts, CEO, Welcome Hall Mission. “Superboards, billboards, digital boards and BIXI stations throughout the city have had a significant impact, making it possible to get our message out and expand our awareness and support throughout Montreal.”

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