Ottawa-built LED staircase wins international award

The first Canadian company to enter the International Digital Signage Awards, Ottawa-based UTG Digital Media, has won in the technical innovation category for 2017 with its light-emitting diode (LED) staircase display for the Jewel Nightclub in Las Vegas, Nev.

UTG created the first-of-its-kind staircase by removing the risers (i.e. the front panels of the stairs) for the installation of LED ‘ribbon’ modules with polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) protective covers, leaving the shock-absorbent top portion of each step untouched. The resulting display can showcase images, text and/or video.

“We take pride in our work in Ottawa,” says Alan Wehbe, founder and CEO of UTG. “Winning this award is a testament to our expertise in the field of digital signage.”

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