Oil tanks wrapped with scenic graphics in Lévis

February 6, 2017

Responding to community requests, petrochemical company Valero has decorated two oil reservoir tanks at its refinery in Lévis, Que., with huge graphic wraps, depicting a south shore view of Quebec City.

There used to be a railway next to the refinery, but after this was replaced with a path for walking, cycling and rollerblading, locals felt the huge white tanks took away from the beauty of the waterfront. Valero hired Groupe Tetu, a grand-format digital printing company, which selected a historical photo, tested it on three-dimensional (3-D) models of the tanks and printed it onto 80 vertical panels of 3M’s Envision 480 wrap film, which could be installed without additional heat.

“It’s great to be part of a project that responds to a specific community need,” says Jacqueline Newell, marketing planning and communications manager for 3M Canada’s commercial solutions division. “Graphics are so much more than branding. They can transform objects.”

Source URL: https://www.signmedia.ca/oil-tanks-wrapped-with-scenic-graphics-in-levis/