National Gallery showcases large-format photography in new galleries

cpiThe National Gallery of Canada (NGC) in Ottawa has inaugurated a new permanent space for the Canadian Photography Institute (CPI), with dedicated galleries featuring digitally printed large-format graphics.

Three exhibitions mark the opening of the new galleries on NGC’s mezzanine level: ‘Cutline: The Photography Archives of the Globe and Mail;’ ‘The Intimate World of Josef Sudek,’ featuring a selection of contemplative images from the Czech pioneer of modernist photography; and ‘PhotoLab 1,’ an essay on the theme of windows in photography and the first in a series of rotating, informal, collaborative projects.

“The CPI collection features photography in all its forms, from paper to metal to glass, and from daguerreotype to salted papers to digital,” says CPI director Luce Lebart. “The diversity is novel and very Canadian.”

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