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Mural encourages better animal welfare

Pictured; Quebec artist, Émilie Rondeau (left) and president of duBreton, Vincent Breton (right).

DuBreton, which raises organic and certified humane pork in Rivière-du-Loup, Que., recently commissioned a mural that promotes animal welfare by recycling old electric batons to form a ‘constellation,’ transforming a negative tool into a positive image.

The mural features a pig against a natural setting and beneath a shimmering mirror of sky and the constellation of stars, symbolizing evolution toward higher standards of animal welfare. Artist Émilie Rondeau created the installation with DuBreton’s remaining electric batons. The company stopped using them in 2003, but they are still widely accepted in conventional farming.

“Animal welfare has become more important to us and the batons no longer have a place in our production plant,” says Vincent Breton, the company’s president. “This work of art, installed on the façade of our processing facility, will remind us every day of our promise to do things differently and better.”

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