LEDs illuminate path for Calgary airport expansion

Airfield LED

Photo courtesy Carmanah Technologies

Calgary International Airport is installing light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for wayfinding and other purposes as part of a massive facility upgrade, with a new international concourse scheduled for completion by 2015.

CP Lights of Kingston, Ont., is providing a variety of LED products from Victoria-based Carmanah Technologies, including solar-powered blue airfield lights (example pictured), sign lights to improve wayfinding and obstruction lights to mark perimeter fencing. The self-contained and self-powered systems have been field-tested for extreme operating environments, as the airport’s winter temperatures regularly reach –20 C (–4 F).

Selected through a competitive bid process, the LEDs are intended to help the airport incorporate sustainable design principles and reduce energy consumption. Similar solar-powered products have been previously installed at other international airports in Canada, England, the U.S., Singapore and the U.A.E. to illuminate safety signs, hazardous areas, obstructions, wayfinding signs and construction zones.