LED wall scores at NHL Heritage Classic

Heritage Classic - LED screen

Photo courtesy GoVision

Light-emitting diode-based (LED-based) panels were assembled to construct a 10.4 x 18.3-m (34 x 60-ft) video wall for the 2011 Tim Hortons National Hockey League (NHL) Heritage Classic, which was held on February 20 at McMahon Stadium in Calgary.

The panels’ supplier, GoVision, shipped them to Calgary from Arlington, Texas, where they had been used at Cowboys Stadium’s outdoor plazas for the National Football League (NFL) Super Bowl on February 6. This time, they needed to operate in a much colder climate.

“The Heritage Classic required our on-site team and equipment to perform under extreme conditions,” says Chris Curtis, CEO of GoVision, which was hired for the job by Toronto-based Baam Productions. “They rose to the challenge and delivered while an entire nation was watching.”

In addition to the Daktronics-manufactured video wall, which provided a larger-than-life view of the game between the Calgary Flames and the Montreal Canadiens, GoVision installed 0.9-m (3-ft) high LED-based ribbon boards around the stadium to display sponsors’ brands.