Investing In Large-format Technology: Different approaches


As the print engine needs to be heated to 130 C (266 F), it may take a few minutes to warm up when it is initially started. The solid toner is also sensitive to UV light and may fade in the sunlight over time. The suggested outdoor durability length due to fading is estimated at approximately 30 days, dependent on the specific environment.

Key applications

  • architectural and manufacturing drawings, renderings, or schematics;
  • complex maps and aerial imagery;
  • promotional and POP signage;
  • floor graphics, stickers, and repositionable graphics;
  • backlit displays; and
  • canvas, interior décor, wallcoverings, and photography.


Which printing technology is best?

Even with an understanding of the trade-offs of each of these large-format printing technologies, the question may still remain, “Which one is the best investment for my business?” In many instances, there is no single ‘perfect fit.’ In reality, commercial print providers need a combination of the above-listed technologies to stay competitive and print the widest variety of customer requested applications in-house, with the ability to meet deadlines, while also saving costs and being profitable.

A large-format hardware vendor can help companies determine which technologies make sense for its current and future business needs. For print service providers who are ready to update or expand their large-format solutions footprint, it is critical to select a vendor that offers the widest selection of technologies and has industry-specific knowledge to help guide them through the selection process to ensure they not only remain competitive, but also grow their customer base and profits. 

As senior director, marketing services, Bob Honn is responsible for all marketing support programs within the large-format solutions division of Canon Solutions America. With more than 30 years of comprehensive experience in the printing and digital imaging industry, he provides the company with customer-centric solutions and programs. In his current role, Honn is responsible for all outbound and inbound marketing activities, managing both the technical document and display graphics reseller programs, as well as special projects.

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