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Digital Signage: The advantages of renting systems

Photos courtesy APG Rentals

By David Weatherhead
Over the past few years, there has been a major shift to digitization in visual communications. As a result, people now see and experience digital signage all around them. Through constant, immersive exposure, they have even come to expect it.

When people walk into a corporate office, attend a concert or even watch the news on TV, they now expect to see digital signage in use, displaying content. Indeed, they expect to see digital displays whenever and whenever a company, advertiser or broadcaster wants to make an impactful statement and stand out from the endless stream of information to which the public is exposed every day.

For these reasons, the digital signage rental industry is growing in Canada and around the world. As opposed to purchasing, renting makes digital signage systems more accessible for short, important periods of use, allowing many more companies than in the past to meet the public’s expectations for visual communications.

Whether digital signage is deployed to announce and celebrate the launch of a new product, provide the backdrop for a live performance on stage, renting is quickly becoming the norm for maximizing impact while minimizing cost.

Reducing costs
Renting audiovisual (AV) equipment is an ideal option for a client who wants a short-term system to make a statement. By planning a temporary digital signage installation, rather than a permanent one, renters can select key dates for their marketing campaigns and promotional initiatives and then use the optimal technology during that period only. They can achieve a high profile without the heftier upfront costs involved in purchasing digital displays and all associated equipment.

Companies that rent out digital signage systems, in turn, can capitalize on this expanding trend by explaining to customers how it can be far more cost-effective to use the technology for a key period instead of owning it for a longer term.

Deploying a permanent digital signage network, after all, often brings an onslaught of unforeseen costs relating to content processing hardware, information technology (IT) infrastructure, mounting systems and colour balancing software, among other expenses separate from the screens themselves. And between purchasing the equipment and having it all installed, the costs add up significantly.

It is easy for clients to become discouraged by the efforts and numbers involved in buying digital signage. The rental business model, on the other hand, offers them the best of both worlds. They can use digital display technology when they need it most, without making a substantial financial investment in it. Hardware, software, installation and technical support are all included in the price, but also, the company renting out the systems is available to provide dedicated support at a moment’s notice should anything go awry, while the manufacturer offers a separate maintenance contract.

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