Philips displays get Crestron XiO Cloud certification

Crestron technology is now embedded and compatible across almost all Philips professional displays.

Crestron technology is now embedded and compatible across almost all Philips professional displays.

PPDS, the global provider of Philips digital signage, LED and pro TV products, software and innovations, announced it is among the world’s first manufacturers to gain Crestron XiO Cloud certification.

Part of PPDS’ adoption of Crestron’s full ecosystem for seamless end user experiences, this collaborative partnership opens up opportunities for a multitude of industries—including corporate, education, hospitality, retail and others—with PPDS bringing most advanced version of the award-winning XiO Cloud control and management solution available anywhere in the current market, said a company statement.

With Crestron technology now embedded and compatible across almost all Philips professional displays (including pro TV, digital signage and interactive), PPDS has become one of the world’s few display manufacturers to support all four of Crestron’s key technology integrations, including its Control, Remote Management, Video Distribution and Unified Communications solutions.

“PPDS has become a deeply integrated Crestron partner, adopting and rapidly embracing our technology at a level that surpasses anything else seen in the current marketplace,” says Bob Bavolacco, director, technology partnerships at Crestron.

Future-proofing the workplace

First unveiled at ISE 2018 as part of Crestron’s ‘AV Matrix for the IT Age’ range of enterprise solutions, the ever-evolving Crestron XiO Cloud makes the ability to deploy, manage, monitor and evolve workplace displays a simple, fast and secure process, enabling remote control of the display’s functions from a single location (including via a Crestron touchscreen device or a web UI dashboard).

Built on the Microsoft Azure platform, Crestron XiO Cloud integrates seamlessly with a wide range of Philips Windows and Android digital displays and pro TVs to suit customer needs and requirements in any indoor environment. This includes its new range of Philips T-Line (for education) and C-Line (for corporate) interactive displays, plus the full range of digital signage and professional TVs, including MediaSuite, B-Line, D-Line, Q-Line, supporting the hospitality, retail, public venues and corporate industries, among others.

Sian Rees, International Product Manager Software at PPDS, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to be able to bring this revolutionary solution to our partners and customers, strengthening our relationship with Crestron and taking our Philips professional displays further into the Crestron ecosystem. For XiO Cloud, we’ve gone deeper than many other manufacturers to maximise the benefits and capabilities of the ground-breaking solution. Offering the ultimate experience and performance for our partners and customers.”

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