Coca Cola, Omnivore to launch digital marketplace

Coca-Cola North America is launching its digital marketplace this fall.

Coca-Cola North America is launching its digital marketplace this fall.

Coca-Cola North America is starting its digital marketplace this fall.

This solution powered by point-of-sale (POS) connectivity platform Omnivore connects foodservice customers to pre-vetted, industry-best restaurant technologies with competitive pricing. The connection capability reduces the time, money, and resources restaurants spend on technology integration.

The curated marketplace will include restaurant technologies to improve consumer engagement and optimize all aspects of restaurant operations including:

  • front of house (FOH) technologies (tableside ordering and payment, guest engagement, kiosk, digital menus);
  • back of house (BOH) technologies (inventory, labour, analytics); and
  • outside of house (OOH) technologies (online ordering, third-party delivery, loyalty, and more).

“Our year-long collaboration with Coca-Cola and select restaurant operators has helped us validate and develop additional digital solutions that contribute to profitable growth for restaurants,” said Shane Wheatland, chief marketing officer at Omnivore. “These solutions align well to consumer needs as well as common barriers experienced by restaurant operators as they digitize and build a competitive advantage for their brand.”

This project builds upon Coca-Cola’s long-term vision of building a digital ecosystem that connects their brand, foodservice operators, and consumers. This ecosystem, which has been in planning and development over the last two years, will be fuelled by proprietary technologies, analytics, and tools available only for clients seeking to optimize customer business operations and drive profit growth.

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