Clarington community art mosaic project is an apple tree

Clarington’s mural will be an apple tree.

Clarington’s mural will be an apple tree.

Clarington, Ont., is asking residents to join a community art project.

“Help create a community mural that will be located outside of the Municipal Administrative Centre. The mural will be made up of more than 700 individual tiles that residents will have the opportunity to paint in this community-wide art project designed to connect people and communities in a safe, physically distanced way. Together, let’s reconnect our community through art that represents Clarington and our residents now and for many years to come,” said a municipal statement.

Led by Mural Mosaic’s, communities across Canada will participate by creating murals of trees to symbolize connection. Clarington’s mural will be an apple tree. Each square of the mural represents a tile that a different resident will paint.

Residents can register to receive a tile kit that includes one mosaic tile, paint and supplies, instructions, and ingredients to make a pancake breakfast—one tile per resident.

When all the tiles are complete, they will be united to create one big painting of the apple tree mural. It’s important you use only the paint colours that come with your kit so your tile fits into the larger mural. 

The municipality advised residents to plan out their tiles. “What story do you want to tell of our resilience as a community 100 years from now? What part of Clarington’s character or history do you want to highlight? Complete a draft design first—there is only one tile available per participant. Ensure that your tile adheres to the Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines,” it said.

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