Going beyond static wayfinding

Wayfinding has evolved quite dramatically with the overall adoption of digital signage and the evolution of inter-activity for an enhanced user experience. In turn, indoor mapping technologies have greatly advanced how wayfinding is affecting numerous verticals. Accessibility in daily life is crucial, and using digital signage for wayfinding has assisted many.

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Digital Printing: Dispelling five myths around the simplicity

Digital printing offers a number of advantages over technologies of the past. In fact, given the advancements in printing equipment and recent software and materials, one might think the life of a modern printing professional is fairly easy; though, this is not the case.

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Looking for CNC routers: tips and tricks

The decision to purchase a computer numerical control (CNC) router can be extremely difficult for some small to medium-sized businesses. On one end, this high-tech equipment offers a sign shop the ability to broaden its capabilities by reducing the time it takes to complete projects, and adapting to future production needs. On the other, companies have to weigh a number of factors when calculating the return on investment (ROI) to ensure it justifies the purchase.

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How to Succeed with an Audiovisual Installation

A deeper understanding of the strategies, processes, and management procedures in the “mechanics” of an AV installation, whether it be digital signage or a more traditional presentation type solution, will greatly improve the quality of the installation and the journey getting there.

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Arena Board Advertising

The NHL has grown to 31 teams (32 by 2021), each of which is filling their boards with corporate logos and ads which speak to those in the stands, as well as the television audience. Although, it may not seem like much, but it adds up to a lot of wide-format printing.

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Adding a new dimension to traditional channel letters with 3D printing

With all the many brands and different messages bombarding one’s life, it is not surprising that people have learnt to tune out from the majority of them. However, one marketing medium that remains hard to ignore is channel letters (also known as built-up letters). This illuminated signage, used to display a brand name or logo on the side of a building, in a shopping mall, or at a trade show, continues to help companies stand out from the crowd and attract customers.

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The versatility of UV LED printers

When industry professionals exhibit ultraviolet (UV) light-emitting diode (LED) printers at trade shows or discuss the technology when leading an educational seminar, visitors often ask questions such as, ‘why are these so popular?’ or ‘why are people investing in this?’

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