Pop-up installation brings Atlantis to life

From site visit to receiving files, creating colour proofs, print set-up and printing, cutting down the panels, labelling and packing, this 12.1- x 76.2-m (40- x 250-ft) wide movie poster hoarding for the action blockbuster Aquaman was completed within a week and installed overnight.

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Every sign tells a story

The colourful satellite receivers at the ISSF in the Northwest Territories are a testament to the creativity of many local artists.

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A look ahead: Continued growth is expected in the visual communications industry

By Andy McRae When asked a year ago about the developing trends for 2019, the author was forecasting a definite convergence of the digital signage and audiovisual (AV) industries as an obvious trend. In looking back at the past year, this was definitely the case. This was certainly not the only trend, however. There has…

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