Face of Canada installed at ROM

Robert Young, the artist behind the ‘Young World Faces’ series of inkjet-printed textiles that debuted during Toronto’s 2015 Pan American (Pan Am) Games, recently produced a special commemorative edition for the Royal Ontario Museum’s (ROM’s) Canada 150 celebrations.

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Best practices for wall graphics

With the growing trend in bespoke interior decor, I get a lot of customers looking for options for pressure-sensitive wall graphic materials. Their product selection process, however, often does not include the exact details of the surface to which they will be sticking the graphics.

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Exhibits: A whale of a tale at the ROM

In May 2014, the carcass of a blue whale—the largest animal known to have ever existed in the history of the world—was recovered from a beach in Trout River, N.L. The story made headlines around the globe, as it is exceedingly rare to find a full specimen of the endangered species. Also, when one is found, it is no easy matter to clean up.

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Digital Signage: Building Canada’s largest contoured LED sign

In June, Canadian advertising firm Astral Out-of-Home, a division of Bell Media, announced the debut of a gigantic digital screen near Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square (already a hub for signage of all kinds, having been designated by the municipal government as one of the city’s special sign districts).

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Textile Graphics: Creating flags for Canada 150

The recent celebrations of Canada’s 150th anniversary involved all types of new, short-term signs and graphics across the country, but perhaps most iconic in nature was the boost in business for the select few manufacturers approved by the federal government to create official Canada 150 flags.

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Digital Signage: Case study on Splitsville Entertainment

As part of its ongoing efforts to revitalize bowling alleys as a viable business in Canada, Splitsville Entertainment has blanketed its facilities with visual stimuli by installing digital signage, including drop-down displays, digital projectors and video walls.

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Graphic films keep the peace for Toronto photo exhibit

‘Toronto: Keeping the Peace,’ reportedly the largest outdoor photo exhibition of its kind, is using graphic films and tapes to present the work of more than 400 artists and pay tribute to people around the world who devote their time, energy and resources to the cause of peace.

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