Canada’s Eventscape goes tropical with building wrap

T Galleria

Photos courtesy Eventscape

Toronto-based custom architectural fabrication firm Eventscape kept a new shopping centre galleria in Hawaii, under wraps—literally—with an 813-m2 (8,752-sf) graphic-covered temporary façade.

Luxury retailer DFS commissioned six ‘street art’ murals by Jasper Wong to provide inspiration for the graphics, which were wrapped around the new T Galleria in Waikiki, Honolulu. These graphics represent a new brand identity that will be rolled out to the other 14 DFS sites around the world.

For Eventscape, the project involved full-colour printing on polyvinyl chloride (PVC), dye-sublimation printing on stretch fabric and inkjet printing on adhesive window films. In total, 19 custom panels were printed on the three different substrates to cover various building panes.

To accommodate the on-site conditions, Eventscape engineered eight different banner mounting details. In one area, for example, 9.1-m (30-ft) long steel beams had to span several large expanses, because direct graphic attachment proved impractical.

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