Branding Regina’s new Mosaic Stadium

Column wraps
To avoid any on-wall obstacles for column wrap graphics, UV-printed ACMs were fastened to a built-out substructure. The ACM edges were routed with a 90-degree bend for a clean, non-sharp look.

Locker room ceiling logo
The team’s ‘S’ logo was custom fabricated for a ceiling-mounted application with a metal structure, vacuum-formed acrylic backlit face and dimmable lighting.

Retail graphics
A variety of dye-sublimation fabric graphics and frames were placed throughout the stadium’s retail area. Fixture toppers were installed with 50-mm (2-in.) SEG frames, while backdrops and murals used the aforementioned 17-mm frames.

Integrating pageantry

SEG framing allows interior wall graphics to be easily changed.

Through all of these various applications and consistent graphics, TLC developed a full environment branding program for Mosaic Stadium, achieving the clients’ objectives of providing an immersive fan experience while seamlessly and tastefully integrating sponsorships and pageantry in every corner of the facility.

“The moment all of our corporate partners stepped into the stadium and saw the final artwork, they all said it was spot on,” says Steve Mazurak, vice-president (VP) of sales and partnerships for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

“The approach and the results are, in a word, outstanding,” says Craig Reynolds, the team’s president and CEO. “It is an absolute pleasure to showcase and proudly tell everyone about the look of our new facility, which was delivered exceptionally.”

Adam Mitchell is marketing manager for The Look Company (TLC). For more information, contact him via e-mail at

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